Drama School & Audition Preparation


“The readiness is all…”


Preparing for Audition

Taking your first steps towards a career in acting is exciting, but it can also be quite daunting! Preparing for Drama School, examinations or acting assignments in particular is nerve-wracking. You want to choose pieces that will impress the judges, but you also want to offer something that you are comfortable with and which you can perform well.

Knowing what to do and expect in preparing for the audition is an enormous help in easing your nerves and helping you focus on what is required.

When you come along for acting coaching with me, I will work with you to choose appropriate pieces and direct you on them; to mentally and physically prepare for your audition and to connect with the piece and your audience. I can also help you to understand what the realities of acting are about, in particular the practicalities of auditions, what to expect at Drama School and in the profession as a whole.

Audition Preparation, London, Reading, Berkshire

Experience Counts

I know because I’ve been there.  And I’ve made a fool of myself as well as the odd triumph along the way! 

I would love to share my experience with you – and help you achieve more of the triumph than the fool – by being as prepared as possible.

Auditioning for Drama School

Auditioning for Drama School

It’s no secret that competition for Drama School places is very high and if you want to go to Drama School, you need to prepare in good time for your auditions and/or exams.

If you only start thinking about getting additional help with your preparation a week or two before your first audition, then you are not likely to benefit very much! Giving yourself the opportunity to work on your pieces and develop your strategy will give you a far better chance of presenting yourself to your best advantage.

It’s also important to audition for as many different ‘good’ Drama Schools as you can, so think about your choices as early as you can. This also gives you plenty of time to get the help you need to prepare for any auditions you are offered by working with me over a period of weeks or months.

Appointments & Fees

Private Audition / Drama School Preparation Coaching
1 hour : £60.00

Appointments are available Monday to Friday.
Some early evening and Saturday appointments can be made.

You need to be tough with yourself if you are going to succeed in this profession. You therefore need to have the commitment to attend regularly and I will expect you to keep your appointments, except in cases of genuine emergency.