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One-to-One Private Acting Coaching

I work with actors at all stages, from beginners to working professionals, from all over the world. If you are considering Drama School or preparing for any kind of audition, struggling with a particular piece or style or just needing to develop your skills, I can help you make the best impact you can.

As a teacher and acting coach I have many years experience preparing actors for auditions and other judged performances. Having worked as a professional actor myself for many years, I can also offer you a better understanding of the audition process and techniques for a more effective performance on the day.

We can work with particular pieces that you need to master or I can choose pieces for you to help you develop. We will work to get to the heart of the piece and find that essential connection. At the same time helping you to find and develop your own authentic voice, improving your essential poise and presence.

It’s all about helping you to understand your own uniqueness and what it is you must bring to the performance. It’s creative, practical and flexible – and individually focused on your needs.

Acting Coaching, Reading, Berkshire

Dealing with Stage Fright

Dealing with Stage Fright

For many people anticipation of performing can bring a series of quite debilitating symptoms which can seriously undermine the quality of the performance and even scupper it entirely in severe cases.

I pay particular attention to stage fright in my work with would-be performers. The symptoms, which can be most unpleasant – shortness of breath, disturbed digestive processes, dry mouth, sweating, muscle tension and panicky thoughts – are all exacerbated by our faulty use of the body – contracting the breathing mechanism, pulling the head back and the back of the neck closed, upsetting the balance and relationship of the spine and the limbs.

I can help you become aware of these unhelpful patterns of use and correct them. We may not abolish the fright entirely – for most performers this would be counter-productive – but we will have it under conscious control.

What Happens in a Coaching Session?


In your first session we will spend a little time getting to know each other and discussing what your particular needs are and what you want to achieve. After that, in subsequent sessions, we will work towards it.

Simple as that!

What that means is that, in all our sessions as we work together, I aim to meet you as you are at that time. I don’t have a ‘Program’ for you to follow, or a ‘Method’ for you to learn. We will just do what needs to be done. My 30 years of experience and insight generally enables me to know pretty accurately what that is.

I require only of you your active participation and we will work through what needs to be worked through. It’s a fascinating journey, highly productive and often great fun! So I hope you will join me soon.

Quintin Norris, Acting Coach, Reading, Berkshire

Appointments & Fees

Private Acting Coaching
1 hour : £60.00

Private Acting Coaching / Drama School Preparation for Young People
1 hour : £60.00

Appointments are available Monday to Friday.
Some early evening and Saturday appointments can be made.

You need to be tough with yourself if you are going to succeed in this profession. You therefore need to have the commitment to attend regularly and I will expect you to keep your appointments, except in cases of genuine emergency.